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Training is critical to the mission of the NYC-ARECS. We hold the position that experience gained through training and simulations results in positive outcomes for communications volunteers. Because of this, NYC-ARECS remains dedicated to training and devotes much effort to learning necessary skills and protocols. As new technologies, techniques and protocols in communication emerge, NYC-ARECS personnel must stay one step ahead to provide the high level of professionalism expected by the organizations and agencies they serve.

In our support of New York State RACES, we are now requiring that new members complete all of the below training in their first year. Current members are to complete their remaining needed courses by the end of this year.


Materials and Testing

EmComm Introduction

Training Guide

EmComm Basics (Levels I & II)

Training Guide |   Test #1     Test #2

EmComm NCS (Level III)

Training Guide |   Test #3

Independent Study Exams now require a FEMA Student Identification (
SID) Number

Register at -

"Intro to the Incident Command System"

Intro | Web based course | Zipped Materials | Test

"ICS for Single Resources & Initial Action Incidents"

Intro | Web based course | Zipped Materials | Test

"Intro to the National Incident Management System"

Intro | Web based course | Zipped Materials | Test

"Intro to the National Response Framework"

Intro | Web based course | Zipped Materials | Test


Additional Classes and Programs in New York City:


It is now a requirement that all NYC-ARECS personnel complete all of the four FEMA and three EmComm courses listed above. This is because events of recent years have caused many public safety and governmental agencies to require members of non-governmental organizations, including auxiliary communication service organizations, to complete various training classes before they will work with them. The primary focus of these classes is to be able to understand the National Incident Management System (NIMS) which the Department of Homeland Security / FEMA administers. FEMA, as well as NGOs such as the American Red Cross and other disaster response groups, aim to have all volunteers certified by FEMA as "NIMS Compliant." Further, Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service (RACES) is supported under FEMA, and thus, requires the FEMA NIMS training for all EmComm members that participate in the New York State RACES program.

SUGGESTED: Additional Emergency Preparedness Classes:

Recent Team Briefings include:

Amateur Radio License Exams in NYC:

Combined Tech/General Class Study Guides
2017_Tech_General_Study_Guide.pdf (for various e-readers)

Generally the 3rd Monday of the month promptly at 6:30pm sharp at Columbia University
531 Studebaker Building / 615 West 131st Street (west of Broadway) - bring your photo ID

The testing fee for 2023 is $15.00 (check or exact amount in cash).
Upgrading? Bring proof of passed elements and a copy with you.

VE session information can be found at

Test Schedule:   *** Until further notice, testing is done virtually. See website link above. ***
01/13/20*,  02/17/20,  03/15/20,  04/20/20,  05/18/20,  06/15/20
07/20/20,  08/17/20,  09/21/20,  10/19/20,  11/16/20,  12/21/20

* - not the 3rd Monday