New York City Amateur Radio Emergency Communications Service

Training is critical to the mission of the NYC-ARECS. We hold by the position that experience gained through training and drilling results in positive outcomes for communications volunteers. Because of this, NYC-ARECS remains dedicated to training and devotes much effort to learning necessary skills and protocols. As new technologies, techniques and protocols in communication emerge, NYC-ARECS personnel must stay one step ahead to provide the high level of professionalism expected by the organizations and agencies they serve.

The team briefings included:

Basic Training for NYC-ARECS Personnel

Our team education guidelines are as follows:

Team members are required to participate in a minimum of four events and 50% of weekly nets each year to be considered active to vote and/or hold office. Additionally, the below list of courses should be completed in your first year or by end of this year for current members.

All classes are available free of charge:

  • EmComm #1 Introduction to Emergency Communications (online)
  • EmComm #2 Basic Level Emergency Communications (online)
  • EmComm #3 Net Control for Emergency Communications (online)
  • FEMA IS-100 Introduction to the Incident Command System (online)
  • FEMA IS-200 ICS for Single Resources and Initial Action Incidents (online)
  • FEMA IS-700 Intro to National Incident Management System (NIMS) (online)
  • FEMA IS-800 Intro to the National Response Framework (online)

Visit the Training Page for online course links